JILI【Fortune Gems】slots free credit

Our team was really impressed by this jili slot game – Fortune Gems! The shining rubies were hidden in the treasure box, making people want to discover more!

In this online slot machine, the 3×3 small boards and 8 basic symbols make it easy for a rookie player. Those rubies symbol will bring endless bonuses to you! The column at the very right is the multiplier, it can be up to 15x.

Fortune gems slot have a unique betting mode. When the player is in this mode, magnification symbols will appear more often. This slot game aims to let players play the game most simply, and everyone can find their own treasure in it.

How to Play Fortune Gems Slot?

Fortune Gems is a rookie-friendly slot game! Due to the low volatility it owns, the player can win more frequently. The simple 3×3 and 5 paylines make it a lot easier for new players.

The bonus system is also easy- understanding. Although this game does not have the free game and free spin the “extra betting mode” gives new players a chance to get to know what the bonus game is.

If you are familiar with the online slot machine, it is also a game you can spend your time on. When you are tired of the ever-changing slot game and don’t want to spend time understanding the complex rules and paylines anymore, Fortune Gems slot can meet your needs, also relax your body and mind!

Reel and payline:
The board is 3×3 with 5 paylines in total. An additional multiplier is on the very right. The payline must start from the left to right with 3 same symbols.
Winning bonus = (odds x player bet) / 5.

The very right reel is the multiplier, and different number symbols will appear every time.

All winning compensation will be multiplied. There are six kinds of ratios in total: 1X, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, and 15x.

Extra bet
The extra bet is 50% of the original bet. You can switch the bet amount and bet mode at any time during the game. If you start an extra bet mode, you can not only win points and multiply by more than 2x, but the multiplier will also show up more often. Winning bonus = Basic bet x odds / 5.

Wild symbol
It can replace any symbol, getting continuous 3 combos will have 25x bonus and a chance to get the all combo bonus.

How to Win Fortune Gems slot?

Fortune Gems slot is a low volatility slot game, although the bonus is smaller, but that means you can win more frequently. We suggested that you play “Extra betting mode” to increase the probability of getting the multiplier.

At the same time, in addition to replacing any symbol, the wild symbol in the game is also the symbol with the highest odds. Players can focus on matching it because that is the most critical opportunity to get a high bonus. There is no limit to which reel the wild symbol will appear, which means that there is a chance to appear on every reel and you can win rich bonuses.

Which Casino has most JILI Slot?

First of all, you must find a friendly online casino. It must have new member deposit specials, friendly customer service, and demo machines. JILIKO.COM popular online casinos in the Philippines, meet all these requirements! New players can play Fortune Gems slot on all kinds of devices, FREE. More importantly, there are thousands of slot games waiting for your exploration.

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JILIKO new member download the app get 100 Bonus

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