JILIKO friend month,Invite friends get 1999 cash bonus

Promotion Tag :

Promotional target :All Members

Promotion Platform :

Promotional period :2022/08/01 ~ 2022/08/31

Extra discount in August
Rebate percentage
Minimum reward amountDaily top bonus

Rule of activity:

1、Recommend friends to play games, and return 1% of the friend’s deposit every day.

**Example: Friend A deposits 10,000 PHP on 1st August 2022 and you will receive 100 PHP the next day.

2、 When applying for membership, a friend must enter your ID as a referral ID; otherwise you will not be able to get this promotional bonus.

3、This bonus does not need to register. The system will automatically distribute at 15:00 every day.

4、The bonus must be more. Give away 1 PHP or more, up to 1999 PHP per day

5、This bonus Turnover requirements: fulfill 1X Turnover, no restrict games.

6、Refer more friends to play this game, the bonus will be more.

JILIKO Receive up to 186 bonus

JILIKO Receive up to 186 bonus!!!
JILIKO Receive up to 186 bonus!!!

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