jiliko slot online casino philippines using gcash

jiliko slot online casino There is an infinite number of ways to make payments in the gambling industry, in particular casinos. Players use various e-wallets that you can manage with your smartphone or credit cards that you can add to your casino account. But today we decided to stop our attention on a unique local e-wallet for Filipinos – GCash.

This special electronic payment system is only available to Filipinos in Filipino casinos and Philippine currency. Next, you will learn more about the features and principles of this system, how to play online casino using Gcash correctly, how to make a deposit, and how to withdraw money using GCash.

Moreover, we will talk in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic payment platform and discuss the bonuses that you can get using the GCash system.

What is GCash and How To Use It?

GCash is the Philippines’ unique e-wallet supported by many casinos. By visiting the official website of this wallet or downloading a mobile application, you can create an account – your electronic wallet, which allows you to quickly and commission-free make financial transactions within the country. This method is popular – it is supported by many banks in the country and therefore, does not charge additional costs for using their accounts in the electronic GCash wallet. As a way to make a deposit or withdraw money, GCash is used in many casinos; however, it only supports the local currency of the Philippines, PHP.

How To Deposit To The Casino With GCash?

First, let’s learn how to make a deposit using GCash. To do this, we will gradually describe the entire procedure for making a deposit.

initially, you must be registered on the casino website. After all, without registration, you will not be able to make your first deposit.
to convince that there is money on the account. You can fund your GCash account by funding your bank account, transferring money from other electronic wallets (such as PayPal), or transferring funds using Western Union or MoneyGram. Moreover, you can fund your account using partner banking apps.
enter the amount of the deposit that you want to put on the casino account and agree to the terms of the deposit. Within a few minutes, you will see that the selected amount of money has been credited to your casino account.

How To Withdraw From The Casino With GCash?

Having figured out how to make a deposit, it is important to master GCash as a withdrawal method. We will introduce you to this method in more detail and gradually. First, you must be registered on the site and win a certain amount to withdraw money. If you had bonuses connected, then you must wager them before withdrawing your winnings.

after you have decided to withdraw money from the casino account, you need to add GCash as a withdrawal method. To do this, go to the section dedicated to payments or cashier.
then find GCash at the checkout among various other withdrawal methods. Choose it as your withdrawal method.
then enter the amount you want to withdraw. Within a few days, the amount will be credited to your GCash account. The number of days depends on your bank. Please coordinate with him the questions regarding the duration of the transfer.

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